ADV Secret Santa 2022


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ADV Secret Santa Building Challenge 2022


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Happy holidays to all you ADV players! This thread is a follow up to last years secret santa thread and will run in the same way it did last season. Secret Santa works by everyone submitting a teambuilding concept and building a concept for someone else. Then on Christmas everyone's teams will be delivered for some festive laddering! To sign up, post 'in' in this thread followed by DMing me on Smogon or Discord(Colteor#7761) with your building request (do not put your request in this thread). Failure to do this before the deadline of December 12th will result in you being skipped. As for teambuilding guidelines, this is a fun event so there's no hard rules, just try and make sure is something viable enough to have fun with and win a few games. No experience is required, so whether you're a veteran or new player I implore you to sign up and enjoy the holiday spirit!

The last day to submit concepts/sign up will be Monday December 12th, and the last day to submit a finished team will be Christmas eve on the 24th. Teams will also be shown off in a public archive after the event finishes so look forward to that. Happy holidays all and good luck building some creative teams. :)​

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